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Over the years, under the principle of "depending on scientific management, making quality products, keeping progressing, meeting customers' needs constantly", our company passed ISO9001 Quality Management Systems Certification and Mandatory Products Certification, formed sound and effective quality management system, so that our management becomes more standard and more systematic. At present, the business in all departments are developing on a high-speed rate. With the spirit of "dedication, innovation, teamwork, hard-working" and the work style of being "efficient, dutiful, communicative, outstanding", all the staff will serve the old and new customers with the best products and the best service. Both new and old customers at home and abroad are welcomed to visit our company!
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    Foreign trade department
    Sales Manager:Ms Connie
    Skype:dyy-connie     Mobile:0086-159 5500 8877
    Sales Manager:Mr Eason
    E-Mail:[email protected]     Mobile:0086 18355016585
    Sales Manager:Ms Eleven
    E-Mail:[email protected]     Mobile:0086 18255000535
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